What is Google map citation?

These are the citations which are created when various Google Users save your business details. It works like underlining a line in a page. We underline the important thing. Similarly Google consider that your Business is important that's why people are saving it. Hence you get CITATION!

Which countries are accepted?

We Accept all countries all tasks can be done for any location of world.

What do you mean by Local IP used?

When we do all the work, we will use your areas local IP. This makes all work natural. For example, if you business is in New York, then it's better if all work is done from New York location.

What is quality ff Back-Links & why they are important?

We Create all backlinks right on google maps , all the backlinks will be 100% doffollow right on google. Backlinks give huge link juice to your listing and help to get maximum result also they help to get index faster.